Topics of ISPUN17 and tentative list of invited speakers

(*) to be confirmed

a) Nuclear Structure: latest experimental results on structure of exotic nuclei, nuclear cluster states, and superheavy nuclei; further developments of the theoretical approaches: the shell model, non-relativistic and covariant energy density functionals, QRPA, and microscopic few-body models...

Naftali Auerbach (Tel Aviv University): Single and Double Charge Exchange Reactions and Nuclear Structure
Klaus Blaum (MPI Heidelberg): Precision nuclear masses and their importance for nuclear structure, astrophysics and fundamental studies
Angela Bracco (University of Milan): The E1 gamma-decay at zero and finite temperature : pygmy states and isospin mixing at finite temperature
Pieter Doornenbal (RIKEN): In-beam spectroscopy of low-lying energy levels at extreme isospin at the RIBF
Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz (Manchester): Recent results from collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy (CRIS)
Danilo Gambacurta (ELI-NP): The subtraction procedure within the skyrme-srpa model:formalism and applications
Marcella Grasso (IPN Orsay): Effective density functionals within and beyond mean field
Gaute Hagen (University of Tennessee): Coupled-cluster computations of atomic nuclei
Elias Khan (IPN Orsay): Localization and dimensionless studies in nuclei and many-body systems
Masaaki Kimura (Hokkaido University): Nuclear clustering probe by isoscalar responses
Wen-Hui Long (Lanzhou University): Covariant density functional theory with Fock terms: New physics and novel phenomena in 48Si
Haozhao Liang (RIKEN) 
Jie Meng (PKU Beijing): Chiral geometry in symmetry restored Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov states: Chiral doublet bands in 128Cs
Javier Menendez (University of Tokyo): The interplay of nuclear structure with beta and double-beta decays
Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba University): Tensor-force effects on nuclear quadrupole deformation in proton-deficient N=20 and 28 nuclei
Peter Navratil (TRIUMF): Ab Initio Unified Approach to Nuclear Structure and Reactions
Takaharu Otsuka (University of Tokyo): Quantum self-organization and the structure evolution of heavy exotic nuclei
Sophie Peru-Desenfants (CEA/DAM): A unique formalism to describe nuclear spectroscopy and beta decay in deformed nuclei: QRPA in axial symmetry
Peter Ring (TU Munich): Covariant density functionals in nuclear physics: First attempts for a microscopic derivation in finite nuclei
Hiroyuki Sagawa (RIKEN): Spin and spin-isospin responses and isoscalar pairing
Xavier Roca-Maza (University of Milan): The Nuclear Equation of State and the Symmetry Energy
Atsushi Tamii (RCNP Osaka): Electric Dipole Response of Nuclei Studied by Proton Inelastic Scattering
Peter Schuck (IPN Orsay): Alpha-particle correlations and condensation in nuclear systems
Marine Vandebrouck (IRFU, CEA): Probing the effect of the continuum on the proton-neutron interaction via the study of 26F
Olivier Sorlin (GANIL): Surfing on the the drip-lines
Victor Voronov (JINR Dubna): Influence of complex configurations on properties of pygmy E1 resonance in neutron-rich nuclei
Anthony Thomas (Adelaide, ANPhA): Structure of Finite Nuclei Starting at the Quark Level
Xiaofei Yang (KU Leuven): Nuclear structure studies in Ni regions using the collinear laser spectroscopy technique
David Verney (IPN Orsay): β-decay studies at ALTO and the first evidence of shape coexistence in the 78Ni region

b) Nuclear Reactions and Decays: new experiments on the nuclear reactions induced by stable and unstable beams, nuclear fusion and fission, nuclear decay; DWBA, DWIA and coupled reaction channel studies of the direct quasi-elastic scattering in both direct and inverse kinematics;  heavy-ion collision dynamics, impact of the isospin and nuclear symmetry energy in different nuclear reaction processes. 

Christian Beck (Strasbourg): Clusters in stable and exotic nuclei - Present status and perspectives
Pawel Danielewicz (MSU, NSCL): Isovector Aura and Symmetry Energy
Anna Corsi (IRFU, CEA): Neutron skins probed with antiprotons: the PUMA project
Peter Egelhof (GSI Darmstadt): Investigation of Z-Yield Distributions of Fission Fragments using Calorimetric Low Temperature Detectors
Pierre Descouvemont (Brussel): Four-body extension of the CDCC method
Mahir Hussein (São Paulo): Improved WKB approximation for quantum tunneling: Application to heavy ion fusion
Victoria Durant (TU Darmstadt): Nucleus-nucleus potentials from chiral effective field theory
Tzany Kokalova (Birmingham): New experimental approaches to clustering
Kouichi Hagino (Tohoku University) (*): Fusion barrier distributions for superheavy elements
Tohru Motobayashi (RIKEN, ANPhA): Behavior of nuclear magic numbers studied by direct reactions with fast RI-beams
Maria Kmiecik (IFJ PAN Krakow): First measurements of collective excitations in stable nuclei induced by proton beam at CCB Krakow
Ong Hoo Jin (RCNP Osaka): Evidence for Z =6 subshell closure in neutron-rich carb on isotopes
Tetsuya Murakami (Kyoto University): The first supra-density nuclear matter experiment with SπPIT-TPC at RIBF/RIKEN
Takehiko R. Saito (GSI Darmstadt): Hypernuclear spectroscopy with projectile fragmentation reactions; recent results from the HypHI experiment and future plans
Tomohiro Uesaka (RIKEN)
Calin Ur (ELI-NP, Bucharest): Frontier Nuclear Physics with Gamma Beams at Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics
Kathrin Wimmer (University of Tokyo): Single-particle structure and shapes of exotic strontium isotopes
Yanlin Ye (PKU, Beijing): Observation of a clear evidence for σ-bond linear-chain state in 14C

c) Nuclear Astrophysics: low-energy nuclear reactions, nucleosynthesis and fusion reaction rates, latest developments in modeling the equation of state of hot and dense nuclear matter, properties of neutron star and proto-neutron star, stellar evolution... 

Stefano Gandolfi (Los Alamos): The EOS of neutron matter and the effect of hyperons to neutron star structure
Kevin Insik Hahn (Ewha Womans University, Korea): Prospect of nuclear astrophysics and nuclear decay experiments in Korea
Shigeru Kubono (RIKEN): Experimental challenge to the np-process in Type-II Supernovae
Takahiro Kawabata (Kyoto University): Direct measurement of the 7Be(n,α)4He reaction cross sections for the cosmological Li problem
Toshio Suzuki (Nihon University): Roles of nuclear weak rates on the evolution of stars and nucleosynthesis
Karlheinz Langanke (GSI Darmstadt) (*): The FAIR Chance for Nuclear Astrophysics
Aurora Tumino (Enna, INFN-LNS): Bare nucleus cross-sections for nuclear astrophysics studies with the THM
Weiping Liu (CIAE Beijing, ANPhA): JUNA Project
Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (CNS, University of Tokyo): Studying nuclear astrophysics and nuclear clustering at the low-energy RI beam separator CRIB
Michael Paul (Hebrew University): Probing astrophysical s-process and r-process in the laboratory
Andrej Vdovin (JINR Dubna): Electron capture on hot neutron-rich nuclei in pre-supernova environment
Ingo Tews (INT Seattle): Equation of state constraints from chiral effective field theory interactions

d) Nuclear Facilities: overview of the new generation of experimental facilities (already running like RIBF at RIKEN, ISOLDE at CERN, and to be commissioned soon or under planning like SPIRAL2 at GANIL, SuperFRS at FAIR, FRIB at MSU, ELI-NP in Romania, and RISP in Korea...).

Navin Alahari (GANIL)
Tom Aumann (TU Darmstadt, GSI): Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics, and Reactions at FAIR
Faical Azaiez (iThemba LABS)
Bradley Cheal (Liverpool): Facilities and Techniques for Laser Spectroscopy
Sydney Gales (IPN Orsay): Impact of new high power lasers and gamma probes on subatomic physics research and related societal applications
Byungsik Hong (Korea University, ANPhA): Status of Large-Acceptance Multipurpose Spectrometer at RAON
Matthieu Lebois (IPN Orsay)
Silvia Lenzi (Padova): The AGATA Physics campaign in GANIL
Paul Mantica (MSU, NSCL): On the status and scientific perspectives of FRIB
Gianfranco Prete (INFN Legnaro): The SPES project at the INFN- Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
Adam Maj (IFJ Krakow): Highlights from the nuclear physics studies in Polish research infrastructures
Guy Savard (ANL)
Susumu Shimoura (CNS, University of Tokyo): New energy-degrading beam line OEDO in RIKEN RI beam factory
Toshimi Suda (Tohoku University): The SCRIT Electron Scattering Facility - the world’s first electron-scattering facility for short-lived exotic nuclei
Kazuhiro Tanaka (KEK, ANPhA): Nuclear Physics Program at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Hall
Victor Zamfir (ELI-NP, Bucharest): Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP): Status and Perspectives

e) Summary Talks:    

Nicolas Alamanos (CEA Saclay) (Experiment)

Gianluca Colo (University of Milan) (Theory)